DNA Extraction Kit Market

NEW YORK, July 15, 2022 – According to the market research report published by P&S Intelligence, in 2021, the global DNA extraction kit market revenue was $1,354.4 million, which is predicted to reach $2,818.2 million by 2030, advancing at an 8.5% CAGR. The market growth can be primarily attributed to the surging research activities, for technological developments in forensic sciences and healthcare services, as well as the growing investments in molecular diagnostics, for a range of chronic and infectious diseases.

The demand for user-friendly, accurate extraction kits as well as automated DNA extraction methods is rising. Additionally, it is expected that the applications of NGS and DNA in the profiling of viral infections would speed up the market growth in the years to come.

Primary End User in Market Is Healthcare Facilities

The biggest end users in the DNA extraction kit market are healthcare facilities. Due to the rising need for timely and precise illness diagnoses, the category held a revenue share of over 50% in 2021.

Even hereditary diseases, including Tay–Sachs disease, hemophilia A, and sickle cell disease, may be correctly identified by utilizing DNA extraction techniques. Thus, diagnostic centers and hospitals would embrace these technologies rapidly, in part, due to their affordability.

Market Outlook for DNA Extraction Kits Primarily Driven by North America

The North American DNA extraction kit market contributes the highest revenue among all regions, and it is predicted to continue displaying a similar pattern in the coming years. This was due to the rising count of R&D activities as well as the existence of significant industry players, who are continually upgrading their product offerings.

Fastest-Growing Market for DNA Extraction Kits Is in APAC

During the forecast period, the APAC DNA extraction kit market is set to advance at the highest CAGR, of over 9%. The increase in the investment in R&D, for technical breakthroughs, as well as the rapid automation of DNA extraction methods, will be responsible for this.

China dominates the APAC market, and it will continue to hold its position in the coming years, majorly due to the high count of R&D activities underway here. In addition, to meet the growing demands of pharmaceutical businesses and forensic researchers, the leading market participants have introduced a range of nucleic acid extraction and purification kits in recent years.

DNA Extraction Kit Market Report Coverage

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Genomic DNA
Cell-Free DNA

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Real-Time PCR
Next-Generation Sequencing

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Healthcare Facilities
Research Institutes
Pharma & Biotech Companies

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Blood, Tissue, & FFPE

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