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Majority Of Ukrainians Believe They Are Winning The War With Russia, And 8 In 10 Believe Ukraine Will Reclaim All Territory Held Before The War.

SAN FRANCISCO, June 3, 2022 –

Premise, the innovative platform that democratizes the way data is sourced, analyzed, and applied, recently surveyed 941 Ukrainian adult contributors about the ongoing war in Ukraine. Premise announced the results of that survey today, finding a high degree of confidence among Ukrainians about the outcome of the war.

Those surveyed shared their thoughts on the current state of the war, likely outcomes, what concessions Ukraine should or shouldn’t make to end the war, and more. Here are some of the most significant findings:

  • 53% of Ukrainians feel that Ukraine is currently winning the war, and only 6% of Ukrainians feel that Russia is winning. 41% think neither side is winning.
  • Ukrainians are optimistic when it comes to the final outcome of the war.
    • 46% think it will end with Ukraine regaining control of all territory it held before the war and further taking control of some territory previously held by Russia in the Donbas and or Crimea.
    • 34% think it will end with Ukraine regaining control of all territory it held before the war with no concessions to Russia.
    • 9% think that Ukraine will regain control of all territory it held before the war but makes non-territorial compromises to Russia.
    • 9% predict that Russia will take control of some new territory in eastern and or southern Ukraine.
    • Only 2% predict an outright victory for Russia and think it will take control of most or all of Ukraine and replace the current Ukrainian government.
  • More than half (52%) of Ukrainians think the war will last at least another 6 months.
  • When asked if Ukraine should negotiate with Russia to end the war, even if it meant making concessions to Russia, only 22% of Ukrainians said yes. 25% were unsure and 53% said no.
    • Of those who said yes or were unsure, 36% said agreeing to not join NATO was an acceptable compromise and 30% said agreeing to not acquire nuclear weapons was an acceptable compromise.

“These results show that not only is Ukraine united but the will to resist Russian occupation is high in spite of significant devastation to the country,” said Maury Blackman, CEO of Premise. “These findings also show that, despite the historical and cultural differences between Eastern and Western Ukraine, Russian President Putin has united the entire country of Ukraine. Even in Eastern Ukraine, which due to its geography has been historically pro-Russia, a vast majority of Ukrainian adults (72%) think Putin should be prosecuted as a war criminal.”

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These results are based on responses from 941 Ukrainian adults aged 18 years and older, surveyed from May 24th to May 27th, 2022. Respondents were randomly chosen to complete the survey based on a stratified random sampling plan incorporating region, age, and gender-based on the Ukraine Crisis: Monitoring population displacement through social media activity population estimates and were compensated for their time. Respondents completed the survey in Ukrainian and Russian on the Premise app.

SOURCE Premise